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Umetnost oblačenja i svlačenja

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By ns.happy
Recent videos on their web site present more black and white surrealistic head-scratchers, like “Pete the Meat Puppet” and “Hair Bath.” They seem to be borrowing from director David Lynch, whose 1977 cult film Eraserhead continues to freak people out.

All of this isn’t too terribly shocking coming from Diesel. Their recent marketing efforts have dabbled in the dark of black and white for a while now. Months ago they unleashed a viral video that combined vintage porn clips with overlayed cartoon-style images. Dubbed their “SFW XXX” video, it was still quite provocative to most people.

Of course all of this isn’t going to scare the queers much. But all this provocative imagery will probably freak the straight people into buying tons of Diesel clothes. That is the goal of all this, after all, right?

Here’s the not very SFW XXX video of theirs. It’s NSFW but you’ll probably get some laughs from the creative use of cartoon overlays. My favorites are the guy shooting his “gun” and the French poodle clipping.
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By bakalar
Ova je bas :\ heavy

Dobar mi je ona gde su lutke u pitanju ... i tice se ekologije i sprdanja na racun iste, bizarnosti neke :)

Hajd nadji te fotke :D
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By ns.happy
abcd, ne znam na sta mislis? daj doprinos temi ;)
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Volem DIESEL :)

Redovno ga opajam jednom mesecno...
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By Dr. M
Originally posted by ns.happy
Obozavam njihove kampanje

Ja obozavam njihove krpe...

90% mog ormana cine bas one....

:hail: :hail: :hail:
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By enna
Obozavam Diesel!uvek je najoriginalniji i najtrendi,s tim sto poseban akcenat bacam na dizajn vesa,torbica,kaiseva,nakita,kapica i patika!znaci,akcesoar je neprevazidjen!jedina mana je sto robu,izuzev farmerica,dobijaju u 2,max 3 primerka i brzo ode...medjutim kad upecam,znam da okolo necu naleteti na nekoga ko ima nesto tako:B
By Klais
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